Richard Schweid



Newest Release: Invisible Nation: Homeless Families in America

"With this book, Richard Schweid casts an intensely thorough and compassionate eye on the plight of homeless families in America; a tragedy that has plagued us as a country since the first settlers came to its shores. Surely, he asks, in a nation pledging itself to liberty and justice for all, can we not add to that pledge decent housing for those struggling to live among us in dignity?"
—Emmylou Harris

"It takes a wage of nearly $19 per hour to afford a two-bedroom rental anywhere in the U.S. That is more than the income of two minimum-wage workers in much of the nation. This is a crisis that will only get worse. In an excellent blend of on-the-ground research, Richard Schweid reports from shabby hotels, among homeless families, and in several cities across the country, over the course of years. Invisible Nation is a must-read for policy makers, students of sociology, and anyone else concerned about the widening wage gap in our country."

—Dale Maharidge, Pulitzer Prize–winner and author of Someplace Like America: Tales from the New Great Depression.

Richard Schweid is a Nashville-born author, currently living in Barcelona. He is a journalist, and documentary reporter, with eight published books of creative nonfiction. He was a co-founder of Barcelona Metropolitan, a monthly city magazine in English, and he was Senior Editor for fourteen years. He was also production manager of the Oscar-nominated documentary Balseros.

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