Hot Peppers

Hot Peppers: The story of Cajuns and Capsicum

(University of North Carolina Press; 1999)

This is a rollicking tour through the hot peppers fields, Cajun music bars, bayous, and kitchens of southern Louisiana, as well as an engaging history of hot peppers and how they spread around the world.


"An easy-going, easy-reading history, examination, and celebration of the hot peppers grown in the oily, salty soil around New Iberia, Louisiana."

Denver Post

“A very special travel book packed with information. There is an ease and a charm to Schweid’s reporting.”



Hot Peppers blends facts, humor and history: its casual but informative narrative style is so enjoyable, one wonders how such a (seemingly) small subject could possibly turn out to be so interesting.”

                                                          Seattle Post-Intelligencer


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